Fashionable and functional: what to consider when shopping for furniture

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By AdFeatures | Tuesday, August 14, 2012, 10:22


Whether you’re looking to kit out your home or your office, furniture is one expense which you cannot avoid. Responsible for determining the practicality of any space, furniture also plays an important role in how a room looks and feels.

Getting this balance between fashion and function right is therefore something of a priority. Whether it’s new seating for your living room or restaurant furniture for your business, here are five things you should consider when shopping:

1. The style

The first decision you must make is over the style or design of your chosen furniture. This will ultimately depend on personal preference and the decor of the area in which the furniture will be placed.

Those with modern tastes may like the cool and contemporary designs used in eames chairs whilst those after something more traditional and conventional may want to invest in rustic furniture which is constructed from heavy, untreated woods rather than smooth and sleek plastics or metals.

2. The size

This will ultimately depend on how much space you have to position the furniture. Remember that you need your chosen items to be both practical and attractive, and how they are positioned will influence this massively. Make sure you measure spaces carefully and look for furniture that fits within these dimensions comfortably.

If buying cool furniture which boasts storage facilities or reclining functions then remember to take the extra spatial requirements of this into account.

3. The material

Furniture can be made from virtually anything: metal or wood, plastic or fabric, there is an endless selection on offer to consumers. When choosing between materials you should strive to combine practicality with comfort. Interior furniture can benefit from softer, more delicate materials whilst any furniture intended for outdoor use will need to be more resilient.

Always take the furniture’s care instructions into consideration as well and select furniture which matches your requirements. If buying furniture for an office or workplace then remember that support and comfort are just as important as style.

4. The versatility

Furniture comes in numerous styles and designs, meaning it can be tempting to embrace current trends and fads with your selection. Whilst this may be a great way to stand out, it is important that you spare a thought for the future as well. Buying plainer, more versatile items will give you greater freedom with the rest of your decor and plenty of designer furniture can be found for those who want to embrace versatility whilst still adopting the latest styles.

5. The guarantee

Lastly, any furniture you buy should be an investment – and that means you shouldn’t have to replace it a couple of months or years down the line. Always look at the guarantee that is offered with any items you buy and only purchase items which boast a high build quality and use strong, resilient materials. This way, you won’ have to worry about changing your furniture anytime soon.



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