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Groups abi_silvester Created



    Good clean fun in N1

    21 members


    Home and DIY

    Tips on home improvement and DIY with a local focus

    11 members


    Food and Drink

    We've got a lot of it in Islington, and we like to talk about it right here - from the highs of Ottolenghi to the lows of the Holloway Road kebab shop.

    42 members



    Festive fun in Islington

    13 members


    Islington History

    Interesting facts about local history

    8 members

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Groups abi_silvester Joined

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    Islington Businesses

    A group for businesses in Islington to network.

    48 members

  • Profile image for LiseS

    Arts and Entertainment

    Culture and arts news in the hub of the highbrow

    92 members

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    General Discussion

    This is a Group for General Discussion topics related to Islington when none of the other Groups quite fit the bill.

    131 members

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    Everything related to Arsenal Football Club

    14 members

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    Shopping on Upper Street

    For shoppers and shopkeepers on the main road from the Angel to Highbury station

    26 members

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